Common Car Myths

Strong Volkswagen Debunks Five Common Car Myths 

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Area drivers often contact Strong Volkswagen to see if a car myth is true or false. Some myths have been around for so long that people firmly believe they’re valid, even though they’re outdated or untrue. Just because a belief has staying power, it doesn’t mean it’s accurate or relevant in the modern automotive world, so Strong Volkswagen is taking a moment to debunk some popular car myths that continue to stymie motorists of all ages. 

The proper air pressure is located on a tire’s sidewall. 

The number you’ll see on the side of a tire is the maximum safe pressure the tire can handle, not the recommended air pressure level. You can check the decal on the driver’s doorjamb or your owner’s manual to find the right tire pressure level.

Pre-owned cars are safer than new models. 

Some motorists shop for pre-owned vehicles exclusively because they believe they’re safer than new cars. While some vintage vehicles are made with heavier materials like steel, new cars have the latest advanced safety and driver-assistive features. Depending on the car's age, an older automobile might not even have airbags or traction control, let alone active safety features. 

It’s harder to finance a previously owned automobile. 

Too many people think securing an auto loan for a previously owned car is impossible. That’s a shame because buying a pre-owned vehicle offers significant benefits, such as a lower purchase price, registration fees, and insurance premiums. If you want one of the pre-owned cars on our lot, applying for Volkswagen financing is simple and may even be easier if you have low or no credit. 

Drivers should replace all four tires at once. 

As well-intentioned as this advice is, it’s not true; aside from your spare, tires can be replaced in pairs. With that being said, we often offer parts specials that save money on a complete set of tires, so you may want to do this even though you may not have to.

Electric vehicles are expensive to maintain. 

As you go through the new Volkswagen cars on our lot, the all-electric Volkswagen ID.4 may catch your eye. Some hesitate to buy or lease an EV, fearing higher maintenance costs. However, EV owners typically spend just one-third of what it costs to care for a conventional car to maintain their vehicles. 

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They say that knowledge is power. Don’t let car myths keep you from safe driving or the car you want. Visit our Salt Lake City, UT, Volkswagen dealership today, and the Strong Volkswagen team will ensure you shop with the facts on your side.